Apikuni Innovation, LLC  is a small-sized consulting engineering company which primarily serves the oil services industry, the consumer products industry, and the inventor community.

The company was started in Sugar Land, Texas in 2015 by David B. Ayers.  Apikuni Innovation, LLC performs engineering and design services for accelerating and adding value to projects.

For David's profile, please visit   www.linkedin.com/in/davidbayers/

"I have interacted with the current personnel at Apikuni Innovation for years.  I really appreciate the clarity of the engineering drawings that are produced as it saves us time and ensures that we can deliver good machining results.“

- Michael Corliss, President, Godwin Machine

"I engaged David to review a patent draft to ensure clarity and thoroughness.  After some key investigative questions, he added his own creativity and within minutes, a new and unique downhole tool was conceived.“

- Former Project Manager, Schlumberger